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📘What is Blubook

🕵️ Blubook is a flat and Beautiful theme for Typora. This theme is good for writing.


  • 📝📖Most fonts use Glow-Sans-SC (未来荧黑) that is good for reading even you write Chinese or English.


  • 🎨Some Typora interface use rounded corners to make it look better.


​ 🕵️ Tips: Typora sidebar use File-List-Mode will be better.

  • 👨‍💻‍👩‍💻 Code-Fences fonts use Cascadia Code. This fonts support ligature, when you enter code text same as ‘=>‘ then will be auto change one character.

    For example ⬇️


  • ⌨️Code example.



  1. Download this zip from Github, extract this file, then you can get the blubook folder and blubook.css .
  2. Open typora, click PreferenceApperanceOpen Theme Folder.
  3. Put blubook folder and blubook.css into the open folder.
  4. Close Typora totally, reopen Typora and select ThemeBlubook from the menu bar.